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In this section you may find our discussion papers and publications sorted by research area.
Software als Institution
Angelehnt an Ideen von Reidenberg, Lessig und anderen wird untersucht, wie Software menschliches Handeln ermöglicht, verhindert, reguliert und sanktioniert.
Mobile Computing
In our research area Mobile Computing we deal with the opportunities and risks attached to the growing use of mobile devices such as handhelds in professional settings.
Open Source
In this research area we focus on the economics and politics of open source. Open source software has proven not only a viable software engineering model but has challenged received assumptions in the heart of economic theory.
IT Security
In this research area we focus on the various aspects of IT security.
Intellectual Property
In the research area intellectual property we deal with issues like copyright, patents, and DRM.
Ubiquitous Computing
In this research area we dwell on different aspects of the growing use of Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing.
Digital Signatures
In this research area we are focusing on the cultural dimension and other aspects of digital signatures and stamps.
Plone Lessons
Miscellaneous experiences we made whilst building this very Plone portal.